How to reduce digital eye strain

It can be caused by the amount of time spent in front of the screen, poor lighting conditions or even from staring at objects that are not at an appropriate distance. 

Many people don't know how to prevent and treat eye strain so it's important to understand what it is before you start worrying about your eyesight! There are also many opticians in Sri Lanka that provide services in eye testing in Sri Lanka, so getting your eyes checked by one of them is not a huge issue.

Eye strain is a type of computer vision syndrome that happens when you spend too much time looking at screens. This condition causes dryness or redness on the eyes which then leads to pain and discomfort after hours have been put into work. 

To prevent eye strain, it's important to understand what symptoms indicate you're experiencing this problem so that you can change how often you look away from your screen!

Common signs of eye strain according to specialists in eye care in Sri Lanka include:

Soreness in the eyes or forehead.
Itching of the eye, eyelid and around your eye.
Dry or gritty feeling in your eyes.
Tired, watery or red eyes. 
Headache from looking at a screen for too long without taking breaks to look away (headaches can be caused by tension building up on one side).

Preventing eye strain is important, and can be done through simple steps!

Take frequent breaks to look away from the screen, this will reduce eye dryness and headache. 

Get a good workstation set up: make sure your monitor is at least arm's length away from you when it sits on your desk; use an anti-glare or non-reflective surface; make sure there are no bright lights shining in your eyes from outside sources (close curtains if needed).
Make appropriate adjustments for lighting settings. Dimming down the brightness of our workspace can increase comfort levels should they be too high while increasing clarity by removing reflections off surfaces which can cause eyestrain. 

How to reduce digital eye strain

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