How Does the Kidney Stone Diet Work?

If you have recently been to see your doctor to discuss your kidney stone pain and were told you need to start taking preventive measures, you are not alone. This is a problem that affects up to 12 percent of adults at some point, and it is most common in men.
While the stones themselves do not cause pain, once they begin to pass through your body, the pain can be absolutely excruciating. There are several preventive measures your doctor may have recommended, and one of these options is the kidney stone diet.

Dietary Causes

The fact is that stones are commonly caused because of your dietary habits. Low water intake is one such cause, and boosting your regular water intake throughout the day can indeed help you to improve kidney function and prevent the development of stones. 

The other cause is the foods and beverages you take into your body. Items associated with the development of stones include refined sugars, sodas, sodium, apple or grapefruit juice, animal protein, and others. A kidney stone diet is one that reduces or eliminates these foods from your diet to prevent the further development of stones.

Does It Work?

Because water intake and dietary habits are the only two known causes of stones, many people do experience considerable benefit from following a kidney stone diet. However, there are times when the kidney is not unhealthy and other options must be considered. 

Your doctor may advise you to pursue other medical treatments as preventive measures including allopurinol, urine alkalinization, and even dialysis. You will want to work with your doctor on this prevention of stones to ensure that your kidneys remain as healthy as possible.

A Look at the Big Picture

If you are looking at the kidney stone diet with the hope that it can help you to live a longer, healthier life, you are on the right track. Each person, however, does find this diet at a different stage of kidney health. For some, it can help to keep stones from developing at a faster rate, and for others it can work to prevent future stones from developing altogether. 

Either way, following a diet that promotes kidney health is a smart choice. In addition to helping you to prevent this incredible bout of pain that occurs when you pass a stone , it can also help to keep your kidneys healthy for many more years to come. 

diet for kidney stone

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