Top 5 Bathroom Aids for Elderly

There are several types of Bathroom aids available that provide a stable grip to help you get up from a bathtub or toilet and into a standing position.

Stepping into the bathroom is one of the daily chores that we do easily. And that’s why we take it for granted. However, it’s not the same for older people or people with limited mobility. For them, this chore can be painful, unfeasible, and even unsafe.

Thanks to the recent developments in bathroom aids, you can now make your bathroom elderly-friendly. These aids are known to assist your loved ones in taking a shower or use the toilet efficiently, safely, and independently. So, without further ado, let’s have a look at the top 5 bathroom aids that can make your loved one’s life easy and safe.

Top 5 Bathroom Aids for Elderly that You Should Know

Tap Turners

Tap turners are a blessing for those older adults who have arthritis, hand weakness, and grip problems. This device comes in different sizes and fits on all kinds of taps. The primary function of this bathroom aid is to offer extra leverage and grip. So, that your loved ones, despite having painful joints, can open and close taps without any hassles. Tap tuners come in prominent colour coded handles, which eliminates any mishaps. Furthermore, you can quickly transfer tap turners from one tap to another.

Bathtub Safety Rails

A bathtub can be a risky spot in the bathroom. It’s because there’s a high possibility of slipping and falling in and around the bathtub. This risk magnifies when it comes to older people who might end up getting a severe injury with such a fall. You can eliminate or minimize this risk by placing bathtub safety rails.

Bathtub safety rails are simply rails installed around a bathtub. It helps older people to go in and out of the bathtub risk-free by offering extra grip, support, and stability.

Bathtub Pillows

Apart from the risk of slipping and falling, staying inside the bathtub can also have serious injuries to your neck and back. You can avoid this by using bathtub pillows that correctly position the neck and back, minimizing the risk of injuries.

A bathtub pillow is a cushion made up of water-resistant materials. It also has suction cups that offer better grip. The soap and water make the surface of the tub slippery, putting extra pressure on the neck and back to stay in the original position. A bathtub pillow can help to achieve a better grip. It makes it easier to stay in the same position for longer times without any risk of injuries.

Bath Lifts

A bath lift is a medical device that mechanically lowers and lifts the individual from a bathtub. Bath lifts are best suited for people who have arthritis or any other mobility issues. Generally, bath lifts are operated with the help of a battery and controlled with a button device. These devices are easy and quick to install. You can also remove and store it easily, allowing other people to have easy access to bathing.

Raised Toilet Seats

Sitting down and standing up can be challenging for the elderly as it requires a significant amount of muscle strength and flexibility. Raised toilet seats can make these actions easier for older adults. This aid is suitable for those older people who suffer from back trouble and are otherwise totally dependent on their caregiver to use the toilet.


If you’ve an elderly member in your family who often finds it difficult to go to the bathroom, then you must buy and install bathroom aids to eliminate the risk, pain, and discomfort. Today, there’s a wide range of bathroom aids available that serve different functions. You can choose the bathroom aid that serves your elderly member the best.

The benefits of bathroom aids are immense. Apart from offering comfort and safety, it also enables your loved ones to become independent in doing their chores. Furthermore, it also enables them to maintain their hygiene routineScience Articles, thus improving their overall hygiene.

Top 5 Bathroom Aids for Elderly

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