How Busy Mother of 3 Lose 20 Pounds in 2 Weeks While Raising Her Kids Full Time


When you go on a “program” to lose body fat, you may set yourself up for failure. A program implies an endpoint, which is when most people return to their previous habits. If you want to lose fat and keep it off, make changes that you can live with indefinitely. Don’t over-restrict calories, and find an exercise program that adequately challenges you, provides progression, and offers sufficient variety so that you can maintain it for years to come.


Water is the medium in which most cellular activities take place, including the transport and burning of fat. In addition, drinking plenty of calorie-free water makes you feel full and eat less. Drink at least 1 ounce of water per 2 pounds of body weight a day (that’s 100 ounces for a 200-pound person). Keep a 20-ounce water bottle at your desk, fill it five times a day, and you’re set.


Consuming too many starchy foods, such as potatoes, rice, pasta, and pieces of bread (especially at one sitting), provides your body with more than it needs for energy and glycogen stores; anything left over will be stored as fat. You don’t have to eliminate starchy carbs completely, but you should really cut back on them when trying to shed body fat. Limit total starch servings per day to 3–5, where a serving size is one cup of pasta, rice or sliced potatoes.


Fat burners help reduce body fat, but they won’t counter poor eating habits. If you take the products mentioned in tips 11–13 without exercising or eating well, you’ll be more inclined to pack it on than to lose it. Fat burners are not magic pills -use them along with a solid nutrition and exercise plan.


Fiber lowers insulin levels — along with total calories — affecting how lean you’ll get. Fiber absorbs water and takes up more space in your stomach, fighting off hunger pangs, too. Fiber-rich foods include bran cereal, oatmeal, and beans. Check nutrition labels for fiber content.


A lot of women who are on a diet cut out fatty foods completely, as a result, healthy fats are totally under-consumed. You have to reduce calories to get rid of body fat, but you don’t want to cut out healthy fats completely — fats take longer to break down in your stomach and help control blood-sugar levels, leaving you more satisfied and reducing your cravings. So, try to include healthy fats like avocados, fatty fish, olives, nuts and seeds, olive oils, flaxseed, and canola in your diet.


If you love a particular food, you shouldn’t prohibit yourself from eating it. Avoid the bad foods that you don’t love or crave. And when you eat cheat foods, eat them for flavor. Don’t eat the whole pizza — have a few slices, savor the flavor and enjoy it. Share the rest.
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Well, it’s only a couple weeks later and you know what they say about how “you can’t transform your body overnight”…
They’re right — it actually took me 14 days to lose 20 pounds.
Now it’s my girlfriends asking ME what I'm doing differently
Imagine your body being beach-ready before Memorial Day.
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weight loss tips for busy mother

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