Easy Weight Loss Tips for Beginners

15 valuable information that will make your job easier and keep you moving consciously
You may have intended to lose weight dozens of times, or you may have decided to lose weight for the first time in your life. If you feel fully determined and motivated right now, you are literally starting this journey for the first time. Then these tips are for you!

The weight of your body isn’t just a matter of your appearance. It affects you in many ways. It changes your quality of life, impairs your health, affects your proper thinking and of course physically restricts it. Achieving a healthy weight is really worth the effort and time you put into it.

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2. If you intend to lose not only a few pounds but seriously lose weight (for example, if you have an obesity problem or you have a goal of losing more than 10 pounds), you should see a doctor first. Your doctor will tell you how losing weight will benefit your health and will notify you if there are any special medical conditions you need to know.

3. First of all, you have to ask yourself certain questions. Why exactly do you want to lose weight? Are you ready to commit to a healthy diet and exercise for a long time? Before diving into weight loss, it would be useful to prepare yourself psychologically and put it in a logical framework.

4. If you want to lose weight efficiently, you need to change four things in your life permanently: what you eat, how you eat, your social habits, and your activity level.

5. You should have reasonable expectations. Never believe advertisements and diet products that claim to lose a lot of weight in a short time. If there was such a thing, there would be no fat people left in the world.

6. Smaller goals make it easier to motivate and focus. Do not aim to lose 10 pounds immediately Your first goal is to eliminate unhealthy foods from your life. On the one hand, aim for a certain level of activity per week. Then move forward by aiming to lose 1–2 pounds a week first.

7. It is unlikely that you will stick to a diet that includes foods you don’t like. That’s why you should choose your nutrition plan very well. At this point, leaving the job to Fitwell Premium makes your life much easier. Because Fitwell prepares a nutrition plan according to your body and goal and learns the foods you love as you use it, creating healthy meals that you will like.

8. Before you start, ask yourself how long you can stick to your diet and exercise plan. If you think you cannot continue with this plan for various reasons until you reach your target weight, try another way.

9. There is a phenomenon called the yo-yo diet, it is tried to be the case of those who start and stop the same diet. As such, the person loses weight for a while, then regains it after quitting, then loses it and takes it again… It is best to do the diet and exercises until the result is achieved and then adjust the lifestyle according to the new body.

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10. “Emotional eating” is the primary reason for weight gain for many people. People eat and gain weight when they are in emotional turmoil or stress. If you ignore this situation while implementing the nutrition plan, it will be difficult to reach the result.

You need to notice the moments when you eat and find other things to do because of your emotional state, not because you are hungry. For example, it is known that doing yoga is good for emotional eating. When you feel the emotional need to eat, drink a big glass of water, it will often bring you back and be effective. Some people prefer to do a simple exercise like squat 10 times at these moments.

11. Don’t underestimate the health risks associated with being overweight. The dangers you hear are all real. Being obese has risks that seriously affect health. Remember this when your motivation drops and imagine how much your life will change as you lose weight.

12. Remember that your big goal must be realistic. You may no longer be able to wear an outfit you wore 10 years ago. Over the years, not only weight but also body type and body structure change. Aim for whatever weight you need to be for your age.

13. Ketogen diet, Atkins diet, Montignac diet and many more popular diets. These don’t actually work for everyone. In particular, diets that completely cut down on a whole food group (such as carbohydrates) and limit calories can cause hunger spells or blockages that you cannot avoid.

14. Don’t trust scales. Your weight can change from day to day for various reasons. Your body accumulates water, muscle mass increases, on the contrary, your muscles may melt or lose water. Although these have nothing to do with fat, they affect the scale. Being constantly weighed can therefore demoralize you. Measure your image in the mirror, your clothes and tape measure instead of the scale. You need to weigh at most once a week, and you should do it at the same time of the day.

15. Losing weight is not something that can happen quickly. It has no magic formula or medicine. You need discipline and effort. But it’s not as difficult or impossible as you think.

There are so many success stories. At Fitwell, we are very happy every week as new success stories of our members arrive. You can also be in the lead role of such a success story. Just start and stop!

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easy weight loss tips for beginners

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