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Best Time To Conceive

One of the newest and possibly the most reliable ways to predict not only ovulation but a variety of hormonal activity is through saliva. How is this possible?

The latest research shows that many of the biochemical changes that occur in your reproductive hormones correspond to biochemical changes in saliva. By analyzing those changes, you can learn a great deal of information about not only your menstrual cycle but particularly your ovulation pattern. 

In fact, some saliva analysis can predict ovulation up to seven days before it occurs. In light of the new studies on the six-day window of conception opportunity, the saliva test may soon be one of the more valuable tools for couples trying to conceive.

A woman’s saliva changes in the 3-4 days leading up to ovulation. During those few days electrolytes (or salts) increase dramatically in body fluids (e.g. cervical mucus and saliva) along with the hormone estrogen. This causes a ferning-like pattern to occur in dried cervical mucus and saliva. 

The FERNINGis caused by the dried salt and looks much like the frost seen on the window on a winter morning. Using ferning of cervical mucus and saliva to determine the time of ovulation is called FERN TEST.


At ovulation the cervix secretes very clear mucus that is receptive to sperm cells but also acts as a filter to weed out bacteria and unhealthy sperm cells whilst nurturing the healthy ones. The change in the mucus at this time is characterized by an increase in Sodium salts. 

As a result, it produces these rather beautiful fern-like crystals within it as it dries. This only happens around ovulation. Fertility clinics used to use this to identify when a women was at exactly the right point in her reproductive cycle for artificially inseminating her.

A few days before ovulation you will start to see small lines about the width of a hair and about 1/4 of an inch long. There may be just a few or there may be many of them. The quantity is not as important as the presence of them. You are now approaching ovulation. You should now test at least two times per day. Soon you will see the presence of more lines and they may become longer. 

The patterns may take different shapes, i.e.: veins in a leaf, snowflakes, spider’s web, frost on a window pane. The lines will connect and overlap, this is the ferning pattern you are looking for. This means you are starting the ovulation process and now is the best time for relations with your partner. 

Continue to test at least two times a day. On any other day in the cycle the dried mucus or saliva will look like random unconnected dots. The fertile type ferning will return to a dot pattern usually about 2-3 days after ovulation. Some women report no ferning the day of ovulation; you will learn what is normal for you after a few cycles. 

When a combination of dots and ferns are present it is called a “transition” pattern the woman is less fertile, but conception is still very possible. A little hint; don’t wait until the last day of ferning to do the “baby dance” as you may have missed the egg since ferning may continue for 2-3 days after ovulation. 

Fern test

Best time to conceive

To get pregnant fast: If you wish to conceive, have relations as soon as you see the fertile ferning and continue until it passes back to the infertile dot pattern. Begin having sex within twenty-four hours after the FERN TEST says you will ovulate within a week, and continue for the remaining six days. 

Usually, intercourse every other day will be sufficient, but if your partner’s sperm count is high, and he is in otherwise good health, feel free to make love every day during this valuable fertile time. You can also continue to monitor your saliva daily it won’t hurt you.

There are a variety of systems available to analyze saliva, including a laboratory test and a home fertility “microscope”. There are some pocket microscopes of the size of a Lipstick or a Disk (OvaCue Fertility Monitor, Fertile Focus, FERTILCONTROL to name some) available in the market that are inexpensive and will go into your purse. 

I believe the FERN TEST is most reliable, less expensive, doesn’t hurts, keeps your privacy safe, and helps predict ovulation a full seven days before it occurs!

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best time to conceive a baby

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