The gulf is the Oil-rich Muslim nation of the Asian continent. Normally the thinking which comes in our mind is, is it possible to teach yoga in religious countries…? But after four years of teaching yoga in the gulf, I clearly understood that yoga is beyond the barrier of region and religion. It’s a way of life. Every human being has to follow it and started to follow it.

I am teaching Yoga in Abu Dhabi, which is the capital of the United Arab Emirates. Same like other gulf countries UAE is also filled with expatriates. Eighty percent of the countries population is filled with other nationalities, out of the most being Indians. 

In each country, people have a different mentality, prospectus about yoga. Americans and some Europeans want yoga with most stretching, whereas Indians and some other nationalities prefer slow poses with breathing and meditation. So it’s a challenge to teach all mentality people in a group.

In Gulf nations religious things are more sensitive, so normally while teaching yoga the main perspective should be on a healthy basis. So while doing Surya Namaskar or any other meditations, the chanting of mantras is not preferable. The People of the gulf region are mostly in a rajasic state of mind. The practice of yoga changes the rajasic mind to a satvik state, which is a must for getting peace of mind.

Out of all gulf nations, the people of UAE are religiously bitting liberal. Seventy-five percent of yoga learners are non-Hindus. Yoga became more popular in recent years in whole gulf regions due to its enormous benefits.

In 2009 Baba Ram dev came to Dubai, which attracted a crowd of 3000 people including all nationalities. Whereas yoga centers, yoga clubs are there in most of the main cities of UAE. Some other branches of yoga-like Sri Yoga of Sri Ravi Shankar (the art of living), siddhi Samadhi yoga, Raja yoga of Mount Abu, Artistic yoga of Bharath taakur, etc have their own branches in gulf regions.

Even some hospitals have also started Yoga therapy as a part of treatment in their hospital. Yoga has attracted most nationalities. Here I have students/patients from around 42 nationalities in the past four years, including some Pakistanis, Afghanis, UAE, Saudi nationals too. 

Yoga therapy worked a lot for most of the health problems. Because of media and the internet, the awareness of yoga is world spread these days. Most people are aware of yoga. It’s nice to see people who come for the inquiry of yoga know much information about yoga during these days.


In gulf countries, rains are very less and most part of the country is filled with deserts. Most times of the year are hot. Less greenery when compared to India. So the percentage of oxygen in the air is comparatively less. The drinking water is distilled water of the sea. The work pressure is also more and most of the people are away from their families, relatives, motherlands for a long time. 

People spend most of the time inside the office in Air-conditioned rooms; the work nature is most inside the offices, so the chances of physical workout are also less. Due to the hot climate, the foodstuffs are keeping in freeze for a long time. These all lead to stress, tension, and stress-related disorders of the body and mind.

Due to all these the obesity, depression, insomnia, back pain, asthma, digestive disorders are the most common problems in this region. The climate is too hot out of the offices in most of the regions. So it’s difficult to go for a walk also. 

The best way to overcome all these things is yoga, which is an ultimate remedy for the gulf region's health problem. The asana practice of yoga gives good physical workouts for the body; whereas the pranayama practice increases good oxygen supply to the blood. Meditation and relaxation induce a peaceful mind for the follower.

Through yoga, one can cover the need of everything for good health. Even though yoga is a must for every human being it's much more needed for the people who live in the gulf regions.

In the busy life of the gulf, the practice as well as adapting yoga and yogic lifestyle is the only solution for all the problems. It has been experienced by a lot of yoga followers; they find a new happy life after starting yoga. Because of this yoga is becoming more popular day by day in Gulf.


Note- The information provided on this page is for general purposes only and should not be taken as professional advice. All the content provided on this page is my own creativity. Thank you So Much.

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