Not many of us can say we're happy with our fitness and our figure. There's always a bit more of one or the other to work on. In order to stay healthy, you will need to pay attention to fitness on a daily basis. The good news is that our bodies love being stretched and exercised, but initially we can all do with a little help to keep motivated.

Initial Goal Stages

The first step is going to be making and setting goals. Big goals are important in determining where you want to go. Smaller goals help to mark and celebrate the steps to the ultimate goal. The smallest goals are able to answer the question, 'What can I do right now, every day to help me get to my desired final goal?' That is where you start.

goal settings for weight loss

Start With Simple Movement

If you're not sure what it is you are already able to do to improve your fitness, then start with ten minutes of walking. Put on a pair of comfortable shoes, open the door and walk. Five minutes up the road and back down again. Once a day is enough in the beginning.

From there build up the stamina to walk 30 minutes at a time. Then add interval training: walk easy for the first five minutes then walk faster for ten minutes, walk easily again for five then do another ten minutes of faster walking and finish. The aim would be to walk 30 minutes 3 times a week and incorporating other activities into the rest of our week.

simple movement for weightloss

Add New Movements

Resistance training, swimming, bike riding, and jogging are all great ways to get sucked into goal-setting and competition. One more rep, one more lane, or a little faster and a little further will become your mantra. The smaller the goal the easier it will be to keep moving.

Initially, it's important to have weight loss goals, but do remember that as you're getting fitter you aren't just losing fat, you are also gaining muscle and muscle weighs more than fat. So it's not always good to focus too much on what the scales say. 

A visual diary can be a helpful alternative to the scales. Take selfies regularly and compare them to track visual improvements and help you stay motivated.

Just remember that the smaller the goals, the easier it is to keep up momentum while achievement tracking helps with motivation.

set goals for weight loss

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