Make Nose Looks sharp

Want to look different with minimal effort? Try to make your nose look sharper. blur form of the nose to provide shading. 

It's easy:

Expert Beauty and Cosmetics suggested putting brush eyeshadow into the bronzer or powder eyeshadow color taupe. (tips use eyeshadow) Or, if you do not have both, try to buy the powder with one level of color is darker than your skin color. 

Draw a straight line lengthwise on both sides of the nose. To make it look more gaunt, Dab a little on the lower end of the nose, above the lip, to make the nose appear shorter.

Meanwhile, for the nose whose shape is not straight, bend slightly alias, you also can make it look somewhat straight when viewed from the front. The trick, use a highlighter or colored cream younger or the same color as your skin. 

Apply in the nose that makes it stand out or at the start swooping. This trick will make people who see your face not focus on that part and make the light does not leave a shadow in that section.

Make Nose Looks sharp

In addition, to make this trick more successful, you can ensure your other makeup look better, for instance, focus on the eye makeup or lip depending on which part of the assets. Good luck!

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