Covid Anxiety and 6 Ways to Heal

COVID has hit us hard. It has taken a drastic toll on the well-being of people leading to a surge in COVID anxiety cases. 

With aging comes a few changes. Some are foreseeable while the others, not so much. Oftentimes, mental health issues in seniors are overlooked, including anxiety and mood disorders such as depression. Unfortunately, this is usually caused by seniors isolating and no longer feeling a sense of purpose or direction like they used to.

Building relationships and a sense of community can do a lot to help counter some of these negative effects, keeping elders from feeling so lonely and shut out from the rest of the world. Here at Kinglsey senior living in Canton, MI, we have a few benefits that come from being a part of a residence such as ours.

Renewed Purpose

Over our lifetimes, we take on many different roles. Sibling, parent, aunt, uncle, friend, grandparent. With each title, we gain a sense of being and purpose, a reason to get up each day and make a difference in the lives around us. Wanting to be useful and meaningful is extremely important at any phase in life.

Unfortunately, as we age, some of these roles can feel less prevalent and leaves some seniors concerned that their involvement has to take a back burner because of things like declining physical or mental health, loneliness, and general loss of independence.

However, becoming a part of a senior living community can help renew a sense of purpose, providing seniors opportunities to become involved in a myriad of ways. Whether this is simply providing a lending ear to a neighbor, or by going and joining in on some fun classes, building relationships and learning something new is bound to leave them feeling rejuvenated and full of life once again.

Sense of Safety

Anxiety can be a truly horrible thing, leaving a person fearing what’s around every corner, even events that are pretty typical to one’s schedule. Did I turn off the stove? Did I lock the door? Did I take my meds?

While these questions can seem daunting to the average person, it is especially so for seniors. However, transitioning to a senior living in Canton, MI, like Kingsley, can help alleviate some of this tension, helping answer some of the day-to-day questions that act as a weight. There, they typically offer round-the-clock staff, secure entrances, and exits, staff support, transportation to and from appointments and activities, and depending on the level of care necessary, even assistance with daily activities.

Let your senior care staff shoulder some of the burdens and help alleviate anxiety so that you can focus on making the most of your senior living experience!

Social Engagement

Humans are naturally social creatures and long to make connections with those around them. Sometimes, it can be hard for seniors to keep up with relationships when living at home, leading to feelings of isolation and even boredom.

When becoming a part of a senior living community, social activities become woven right into the fabric of everyday life. From sharing a meal with friends to enjoying structured activities and social hours, and even visiting local attractions in groups, these sorts of endeavors help to cultivate feelings of belonging and commonality.

Covid Anxiety and 6 Ways to Heal

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