4 ways to stop snoring at night sleeping

 Are you one of those who sleeps when you sleep or do you belong to this second group of victims who are snoring?

Snoring is a very unpleasant voice in people who are sleeping. In addition to violating the sleep of other family members or partners, snoring can have a cause and even cause health problems for those who fight.

From a statistical point of view, snoring is more common in men than in women. Because of the airway, this is a physiologically anatomical layout that is slightly narrower than men.

What is the cause of snoring?

1. A position that is difficult to ignore when sleeping. People who are deep in the back have deeper snoring who are prone to this habit.

2. Genetic susceptibility ­ If someone is snoring in the family, there is a possibility that this habit will be transferred to the child, perhaps in a certain life cycle.

3. Congenital abnormal soft tissue and the appearance of the palate, because its structure is loose and relaxed, affecting the vibration of the air, producing a snoring sound.

4. Cold, sinus inflammation, nasal congestion is due to narrowing of the airway, can afford soft palate and vocal cords, resulting in snoring.

5. The wrong position of the tongue during sleep can be one of the reasons for snoring.

How to stop snoring in a few tricks?

1. Change the way of nutrition.

If you are obese and obesity is targeted to your neck, you should consider the diet. Weight loss will reduce the accumulation of fat around the neck and affect the airflow. When you enable air to enter the lungs freely, it reduces snoring.

2. Keep cigarettes.

If you are a smoker, think that you have a better chance than a non-smoker.

3. Avoid alcohol and tobacco at night, coffee and sedatives late.

These funds are designed to relax and influence the mood. However, in order to avoid snoring during sleep, try to avoid these substances in the middle of the night.

4. Avoid sleeping.

If you are prone to snoring, it is best to avoid sleeping on your back. The soft tissue and soft palate in the prone position are pulled back, so it can reduce the flow of air to the lungs and because of snoring.

5. Aeration room before going to bed.

Let us sleep there, you should always ventilate the room before going to bed. You can also use an air freshener because dry air is the culprit in the snoring.

6. Do the face of the practice.

If you have the ability, make sure you keep your daily exercises and tighten your face and neck muscles. Try to open your mouth and tighten the muscles of the neck, pull the tongue up, then lean back, firm lips, and then relax them.

how to stop snoring easily


Snoring is a very common problem these days. A person who snores disturbs the sleep of others, but home remedies for snoring can stop a person to snore. It is just a common disorder, and some people snores softly while some other snores loudly. 

Moreover, this disorder occurs due to some flaws in the respiratory system. It is just a vibration of respiratory structures that causes sound due to obstruction in the air movement. The obstruction is responsible for the soft and loud sounds. The home remedies for snoring can treat this disorder in both cases of soft or loud sounds.

This disorder is medically recognized as stertor, and the slang name is sawing logs. It is called sawing logs because tissues of the nose strike each other and vibrate due to some obstruction, and the sound produced is similar to the sound produced while sawing logs. 

As mentioned before, this disorder is common these days and mostly all adults snore a little bit, but this disorder may increase with the age. It is important to get rid of this disorder as soon as possible with the help of home remedies for snoring. There are fleshly pieces in between tonsils which are clinically known as uvula and palate. Moreover, the sound occurs when these two strike each other. 

The irregular airflow due to nasal blockage causes these uvula and palate to strike each other. The home remedies for snoring may clear the blockage in the nasal passageway.

There are many causes for occurrence of stertor. Firstly, weakness in the throat may cause throat to close while sleeping. Secondly, due to tension in the jaw muscle, this may cause imposition of the jaw. 

Thirdly, the fat may gather around neck which may cause the occurrence of this disorder. Fourthly, obstruction in the nasal passage may lead to this disorder. Others include alcohol, prescription drugs and enlarged tonsils. The home remedies for snoring can treat any of the mentioned causes.

Some of the helpful home remedies for snoring are mentioned ahead. Firstly, in case of stertor while sleeping on the back, the change in position may help to get rid of it. Secondly, a person may try using contour instead of pillow because it may help to get rid of the nasal blockage. 

Thirdly, avoid using sleeping pills because it often over relaxes the throat muscles, and worsen the problem. Also, lack of sleep may be the cause for stertor. Fourthly, many people think that alcohol helps to relax, but it may exacerbate the stertor.  So avoid drinking before going to bed. Finally, singing may help in the condition of stertor because it will strengthen the throat muscles. 

In conclusion, the above mentioned home remedies for snoring was found to be effective in most of the cases of stertor. Also, a person must reduce the stress level so that he can sleep better without using sleeping pills. In many cases it is found that sedentary lifestyle was responsible for increase in level of stress, so avoid leading sedentary lifestyle. 

In addition, develop the habit to exercise in the daily basis. Also, if you are overweight try losing few pounds. In order to get rid of stertor permanently a person has to be aware about his certain habits. Additionally, in some chronic cases the throat surgery was found to be necessary to stop stertor. HoweverArticle Search, in most of the cases the home remedies for snoring can provide complete treatment.

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