4 Ways To Lose Weight On Your Face - How To Get A Chiseled Face!

 They say face is the mirror of one's heart, I say face is the mirror of one's health. It depicts your state of mind and wellbeing. English language has given so many hints to the man kind on how nature would like us to preserve and project this greatest gift of god, but we project it the way we feel comfortable in. A grossly misused face. The result of gross misuse of the resources around us and our own body. One does not get a chiselled face from the air. One has to work to lose weight on the face, the right amount to get one.

Generally I would hate to be red-faced in society and would therefore confront the issue directly face to face to avoid a face off at a later date. Let's tackle the issue of how to lose weight on the face in right earnest.

Additional fat on the face is the result of general overweight state. Face is perhaps the smallest portion of the body and hence has fewer areas like the cheeks and chin where the fat could accumulate. Therefore additional fat is a result of multiple factors. The diet, life style, state of mind and attitude towards healthy living.

A fat, chubby and double chin face does not necessarily come by age. Yes, age is a factor as it retards metabolism resulting in excessive fat accumulation on the muscles. While there is no single remedy or a quick fix, a number of actions would help individuals in attaining their goals of weight loss on the face.

1. Drink in moderation.

Excessive intake of alcohol increases dehydration. This results in the body retaining excessive water including in the facial muscles. This gives rise to the state of "chubby" face and double chin. As an antidote, take around 10 to 12 glasses of water daily to avoid water retention and to detox the body.

2. Do regular exercises to lose weight in general.

Remember that the facial fat burns the Last. Therefore do not get discouraged when you do not see results on the face instantly. I have already warned that there is no quick fix for this. The results will come, have patience. Keep burning the fat. Generally for targeted weight loss on the face, people suggest a few exercises like opening and closing jaws regularly, sideward movement of Jaws. Even chewing sugar-free gum is considered a good exercise. However, you will be well advised to consult your trainer or physician on the subject.

3 The most important strategy is to regulate your diet and life style.

Eat plenty of proteins and fibers. Reduce carbohydrates and fats. Take enough salads, boiled, steamed, poached or roasted products in your food. With this you must also regulate the food timings. Regulate your meal timings and stick to that. Reduce salt in your food. Salt helps in water retention in the body.

4. For those who have access to the art of Yoga,

I would highly recommend the Pranayama exercises. These are breathing exercises and give wonderful results. It is said that the yoga facial exercises can tone up all the 57 facial and neck muscles and tone up the face, resulting in weight loss on the facial muscles.

Let's face the issues today to avoid a long face tomorrow. A Latin proverb says that "A smiling face is half the meal", literally one may have to half the meal till one starts smiling. If you are really serious to lose weight on the face fast, follow the techniques seriously. The results will start showing quickly.

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4 ways to lose weight on your face

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