15 Beauty Hacks Every Girl Should Know

You need to get around to face fresh, either by traditional or cover it with make-up. Want to know the trick?

Living in city large indeed vulnerable to depression or stress. The main symptoms is experiencing difficulty sleeping. If you are tired and sleepy too, may not be able to sleep because of work that can not be abandoned. As a result, signs of fatigue will appear on your face. The face becomes lethargic and not fresh. Not only that, sometimes in circles around the eyes look black.

Well, when you still have to move, to work or meet clients. So how to make a tired face to look fresh? A salon makeup artist, gives some tips on telling to get a fresh face in the morning.

The first you need to recognize the facial characteristics are experiencing burnout. Some women are less concerned and less attention to the characteristics of fatigue in the face. As a result they do improvise makeup and less than optimal. (the nature of Skin Color Determine Makeup Colors)

Before you apply makeup, Makeup Experts say some signs of fatigue in the face. Among the emergence of a black eye bags. Eye bags caused by lack of sleep, pale skin, an interruption occurs in the form of pimples and black spots, and skin look oily.

To overcome eye circles around the eyes, Makeup Expert give you two alternatives, namely with the traditional treatment, and cover it with make-up just looks temporary. If you want optimal results, both of them should run together.

Traditionally you can compress the eye socket with a cucumber or strawberry. Both types of fruit enlargement is to reduce eye puffiness and eliminate dark color.

Perform compression when going to sleep and wake. You can put the cucumber and strawberry direct all part of the eye closed for approximately 15-20 minutes. Or you can also make cream that can be applied before sleeping and wash off when you wake up from sleep.

Able to use a piece of ice placed in a cloth containing the ice in your eyes.

While covering the eye make-up bag is done through application of concealer. Use a concealer that has a yellow base color. Color serves to neutralize dark circles under eye circles. It's easy, first use as a base foundation. Then the application can be done with the sweep concealer from the inside out.

To cover the pale skin, you could use a moisturizer to make your skin more bright and shining. Then you can apply blush on with a light brown base color that gives youthful skin effect. Without skin whitening, your skin also looks bright glow.

The emergence of acne can be prevented by cleaning the face with a foam cleanser and anti sebum to reduce oil. Basically, make a face in order to remain fresh and bright does not require a lot of make-up item. Enough with the concealer, moisturizer, foundation, and a blouse on your face already looks brighter. The fourth item is an absolute make-up you use or you take it when traveling far.

15 beauty hacks every girls should know

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