How to get rid of dark circles [skin care tips]

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Today we will talk about dark circles.

First of all I will tell you why we are suffering from dark circles?

Guys, if you are taking so much stress then it will direct affect your eyes and you will surely see your dark circles.

If you don't get proper sleep of 6-8 hours then you will suffering from dark circles.

If you don't provide eye cream to your eyes this is also a reason for dark circles.

If you take injurious things like smoking,alcohol then definitely you are suffering from dark circles.

If you give so much time on screen like tv, phone, laptop etc then also you are suffering from dark circles.

So, keep these thing in your mind that you have to avoid these to protect your eyes from dark circles.

Now, I will give you simple and easy remedies through which you will cure your exsisting dark circles.


You can massage sweet almond oil every night. You can use any brand but you have to take sweet almond oil. After some time your dark circle will slowly 

fade away.


Take one spoon of aloevera gel (please use market aloevera gel because you can not store plant aloevera gel) then mix two capsules of vitamin E (extract the oil from capsule) mix it really very well. Store this into refrigerator and apply every night and see the result after some time.


One spoon of aloevera gel, half spoon of coffee powder, one vitamin A capsule (extract oil from it) and half spoon of sweet almond oil. Mix it really very well and store it into refrigerator and apply every night.

Do any one remedy above three remedy which is easily available to you and your exsisting dark circles will be fade away.

Guys these are home remedies it will take some time to show desirable results but surely give you result but be consistent.


Drink at least 8-10 glasses of water.

Take sleep for 6-8 hours.

Always wear sunscreen no matter what.

Intake green vegetables.

Be yourself.

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How to get rid of dark circles [skin care tips]

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