6 Ways to Make Baby Stop Crying

Pacifying A Crying Infant

Without words, babies have a few ways to let you know what they need or like. Your baby is fully dependent on you. You provide her with the food, warmth, and comfort that she needs. When she cries, it's her way of communicating any or all of those needs and of ensuring a response from you. Crying a little may be good, but we prefer to nurture our babies rather than let them cry for long periods of time. Learn why your baby is crying and what you can do to soothe her.

Crying baby

Here's how to comfort your crying baby when you don't know why he's crying.

1.    Provide physical contact:  

Sometimes babies cry simply because they miss the close contact with their mothers that they enjoyed for nine months.

2.    Respond promptly:

Crying is the only way a baby can communicate with the world around him. When you respond immediately to your baby's cry, you give her a sense of control over her surroundings and a feeling that he is important to you.

3.    Feed her if she is hungry:

Nursing a baby can help calm down your baby when she is hungry, as well as otherwise.  

4.    Distract her:

Provide some continuous and uniform noise. It will help distract her from crying. It may be any static sound, like that of heartbeat, rain, vacuum cleaner, mixer, etc.

5.    Take your baby outside:

It might be possible that she is tired of the same surroundings.

6.    If the baby continues to cry despite all attempts to pacify him, consult your doctor.

sleeping baby
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6 Ways to Make Baby Stop Crying

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