10 Surprising Myths and Truths about Hair Care

Myths and Truths about Hair Care

Hair Care Myths

Most of us have spent a lot of money following advice to make our hair healthy and shiny that turned out to be age-old hair care myths. Some say do not wash hair every day or hair will get greasy faster. When you try it, you still have oily hair the next day. There are certain commonly believed myths about hair care that need to be debunked.Know the truth behind the most common hair myths and discover if its fact or fiction. What really makes hair grow, fall out, change color and more fascinating facts about how to best care for healthy hair. Resolve your hair care doubts today and say hello to your luscious and lovely locks.

10 Surprising Myths and Facts about Hair Care

MYTH NUMBER 1: The More Often You Cut Your Hair The Faster It Grows

Hair cutting

This advice you might have heard many times.  It is not true, cutting your hair will give a refreshing look your hair but it will not make it grow faster.  Hair grows from the roots and not from the ends.  The average speed of hair growth is half an inch or a centimeter per month. 

So if you cut your hair every month it will just keep the same length or even become shorter. Again, contrary to common belief, shaving the head does not have any effect on hair density. Hair-density depends on the number of hair follicles, which is a genetic trait. Shaving does not change it.

MYTH NUMBER 2:  Natural Hair Drying Is Better Than a Blow Dryer

Blow Dryer

According to one study, the heat of a dryer can cause more damage than not using one.  The cuticle layers that protect your hair from damage may break down by the blower heat making your hair more susceptible to damage and look rough and dull. Again letting your hair air-dry may be damaging. Air-drying takes time. 

The longer the hair is exposed to water, water molecules penetrate the hair structure and put pressure it puts on the delicate proteins keeping hair intact, which can lead to more damage. Therefore, if you have short hair that dries in a few minutes then probably you do not need to use a blow dryer. 

However, if your hair is long it is contrary to the belief preferable to blow-dry. Using a hair-dryer at the temperature and right distance can actually cause a lesser amount of damage.

MYTH NUMBER 3: It Bad to Use the Same Shampoo All the Time

Hair Shampoo

Hair gets used to shampoo is one of the most popular beliefs which does not have any scientific proof. Hair like nails consists of dead tissue, which simply cannot get addicted. In other words, your hair will not get dirty or faster or grow slower, if you wash your hair with the same brand of shampoo for a long time. 

Many factors can influence your hair growth, color, texture but not the addiction of your hair to any particular brand of shampoo or conditioner. Changing a brand of shampoo or conditioner is nothing to do with your hair but your psychological satisfaction.

MYTH NUMBER 4: A Dry Scalp Is the Main Cause Of Dandruff


Dry scalp may lead to small dry flakes simply due to lack of moisture or oil but these flakes do not count as dandruff. This is because dandruff flakes are larger in size, white in color and oily. The truth is actually opposite dandruff occurs in people with an oily scalp. 

Dandruff is caused by a type of fungus or yeast; they love the natural oil your skin produces (sebum) and thrive when there is more of it. A dry scalp is typically a result of your body producing lower levels of sebum. So when this problem appears stop using hair oil, which contrary to your expectations only worsens the situation.

MYTH NUMBER 5: Frequent Combing Stimulates Hair Growth


This myth might have originated from old times when women simply did not have hygienic habits. Combing was considered a peculiar substitute for washing.  This belief not true, overly frequent combing distributes the skin oil along with the hair and it gets dirty much faster. However, combing does not affect hair health or hair growth. 

Frequent combing can even do much harm by causing split ends and breakage. Brushing pulls out hair that is not ready to fall out, scratches the scalp, and often breaks healthy hairs. Therefore, it is better to comb your hair only when it is necessary. In this case, a small amount of oil will be distributed along with the hair, which will help it look shiny but not dirty.

MYTH NUMBER 6: If You Tear Out a Gray Hair You'll Get Two Or Three In Its Place

Gary HairNo, otherwise there would be only one recommendation on how to get thick hair to tear them out but it does not work this way. Several hairs cannot grow instead of one. If growing hair back was that simple, millions of bald people would have started tweezing their thinning hair. 

Pulling or tugging on hair is bad in general pulling damages the hair follicle and makes it weak at the roots. Do not tear out grey hairs because you can damage the follicle or cause ingrown hair.  You may simply snip off the gray hair if you wish to.

MYTH NUMBER 7: Washing Hair with Cold Water Makes Hair Shiny and Grow Faster

You are wrong if you believe that cool water closes the cuticle and hair becomes shiny and grows faster. This belief is also a myth, hair consists of dead tissue neither cold nor hot water can affect the condition of the cuticle. In fact, cold water can hamper the nutrition of hair follicles by constricting the blood capillaries in your scalp that carry these vital nutrients. Thereby cold water also hampers hair growth due to a short supply of nutrients to the follicles. Lukewarm is ideal for washing your hair.

MYTH NUMBER 8: Daily Hair Washes Damage Your Hair

Washing too often will strip your hair of natural oils in the scalp making it even drier. Shampoo your hair only as per the requirement and conditions of your hair.  If your scalp gets oily every day, then shampooing it on a daily basis is a good idea. Otherwise, the oily will attract dirt and spoiling the hair roots. If your hair needs a wash daily, make sure you use a mild shampoo to avoid dryness.

MYTH NUMBER 9: Hair Texture You Were Born With Remains for a Lifetime

Hair texture depends on various factors like age, stress, hormone, the environment you are living in, and more importantly what you eat and your hair care routine. Many people born with silky hair damage it with excessive chemical treatments unhealthy lifestyle and pollution. While the others born with naturally rough and scanty hair turn their mane beautiful with the right care and food.

MYTH NUMBER 10: Proper Care Will Make Your Hair Thicker

No, do not be fooled by false TV commercial promises. The thickness of hair as well as the number of hair follicles is a genetic trait. Therefore, the quality of care cannot affect it in any way.

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