You Will Be Surprised Knowing The Health Benefits Of Drinking Hot Water

Health benefits of drinking hot Water

Health Benefits Of Drinking Hot Water

Mostly you must have heard people saying that to stay healthy, drinking 8 to 10 glasses of water a day is very important. Drinking less water carries the risk of fatigue and dehydration. However, do you know that drinking hot water is more beneficial to health in many ways? 

It protects the body from many diseases, makes you feel good, looks good and helps our body to function properly. Research has shown consuming hot water helps keeps you healthy, keep you looking young, and to rid your body of toxins. 

In addition, many diseases related to constipation and stomach are cured. Even if drinking hot water may not taste good, but the health benefits of drinking hot water will definitely make you drink it. So drinking 8 to 10 glasses of water would be very important for the body. Making the habit of drinking hot water at least twice a day, can protect your body from diseases.

Apart from this, we tell you what are the health benefits of drinking hot water.

1. Lose Weight by Drinking Warm Water –

health benefits of drinking hot water

If your weight is increasing continuously and despite millions of efforts, there is no difference, then drink honey and lemon mixed with warm water. Drink it continuously for three months. You will definitely feel the difference. The idea of drinking more water can help in losing weight is endorsed by many health and fitness professionals. 

This might be to some extent because drinking water increases feelings of fullness. However, drinking hot water instead of cold water will accelerate this process of weight loss. According to researchers drinking 500 ml of warm water before a meal increases metabolism by 30 percent. 

As per a study published in 2003, establish that switching from drinking cold water to hot water could enhance weight loss. 40 percent of the increase in metabolism is observed in consuming water raised to a temperature of 98.6ºF. This accelerated metabolic lasts for 30-40 minutes, after consuming the water. Drinking a glass of hot water after eating food is also beneficial. 

Drinking hot water increases the body temperature and the body’s temperature control system tries to bring down the body’s internal temperature, which in turn activates the metabolism. As hot water aid to prevent bloating and constipation, in this way it helps to get rid of dreaded water weight.

2. Drinking Hot Water Reduces Wrinkles And Slows Down Aging –

The wrinkles on your face start bothering you, you quickly start getting old. There is nothing to worry about wrinkles falling on your face. Warm water is superb for your skin, as hot water helps to flush out harmful toxins from your body and leaves your skin looking healthy and young. 

Hot water also helps to replenish and repair the skin cells and improve your skin’s elasticity. Start drinking hot water in the morning from today itself. In a few weeks, the skin will start to tighten and the skin will become shiny.

3. Drinking Hot Water Improves Blood Circulation -

Hot water is very beneficial in increasing blood circulation. Hot water acts as a vasodilator, which means it expands the blood vessels and thereby improves blood circulation. Although there are no established findings that directly linked hot water to improvement in circulation, even brief improvements in circulation can support better blood flow to muscles and organs. 

Improved circulation helps to deliver oxygen and nutrients to the tissues and organs in your body more efficiently. This, in turn, is essential for the proper functioning of your nerves and muscles. By keeping blood circulation right, a person is protected from several kinds of diseases. That is why you must drink hot water.

4. Drink Warm Water Soothes Sore Throat -

Sore throats are a common issue for people who suffer from cold, flu, or allergies. Your throat and upper respiratory tract are covered with mucous membranes. So on drinking hot water the warm steam with the water liquefies the thick mucus and soothes a sore throat caused by mucus buildup. 

If there is a problem in the nose and throat, then there is great difficulty in breathing and eating something. The hot water makes the mucus to leave your respiratory tract and relieve respiratory discomfort. Cough and cough are also major problems. To avoid all these diseases and get rest, gargle with hot water, and drink hot water. 

Warm water also ends the dryness of the throat. If you feel tightness in the chest or have frequent complaints of cold, then hot water will work as a medicine. Drinking warm water will keep your throat and chest fine.

5. Drinking Warm Water Gives Glowing Skin -

If there is any skin problem or want to bring a natural glow to the face, hot water is the right solution. Consuming warm water helps to repair and replenish the skin cells and improve skin health. Start drinking hot water every morning and right before getting to bed. 

In a few days, your skin will start glowing and the other skin problems will go away. Consuming hot water is also very beneficial for hair. This makes the hair shiny and it is glowing.

6. Drink Warm Water Alleviates Menstrual Cramps -

Women often suffer from abdominal cramps during periods. Consuming hot water can also help you to prevent this uncomfortable menstrual cramp. During the menstrual cycle, there is a strain in the pelvic muscles around the uterus, which causes menstrual pain. 

In such a situation, drinking 1 glass of lukewarm water provides relief from pain by relaxes the muscles around the uterus. Along with this, you can also place a hot water bottle on your lower abdomen for further relief. Consuming hot water is also beneficial if you have a headache during the period.

7. Drinking Warm Water Improves Digestion -

Drinking warm water keeps the digestive system in good shape. It gives relief in gas problems and stomach aches. Drinking hot water helps to break down food quickly than cold water and the stomach remains light. It also improves bowel movement. 

Not only this, but hot water also cures stomach muscle spasms immediately. After eating food, definitely make a habit of drinking a glass of hot water.

8. Warm Water Relieves Constipation

Even if you have constipation, hot water will help you. Drinking hot water aids intestinal peristalsis. When undigested waste products are trapped in the intestine warm water helps them to pass out of the body. Hot water also lubricates the intestine. In such a situation, drinking hot water regularly and consistently on an empty stomach in the morning can prove to be very beneficial. It regulates your bowel movements and relieves constipation.

9. Treats Nasal Congestion With Hot Water -

If you are suffering from nasal congestion, then start drinking hot water from today. The warm steam of hat water helps to treat nasal congestion. When you consume hot water, the warm steam along it breaks up the mucus stuck in your nasal cavities and in your respiratory tract. 

Drinking hot water may help mucous move more quickly and encourage coughing and nose-blowing to be more productive. Your decongested nose lowers the chance of viruses or bacteria to grow in your nasal cavity.

10. Drinking Hot Water Reduces Muscle And Joint Pain -

Proper circulation is necessary for the proper functioning of muscles and nerves. Since hot water improves circulation, it also improves blood flow to injured aching muscles. This helps in muscle relaxation and reduces pain. 

Hot water also reduces joint pain. 80 percent of our muscles are made up of water. Therefore, muscle spasms are also removed with hot water. Although there is no research, findings that directly linked hot water consumption to pain relief. However, consuming hot water may provide some internal pain relief, but it is important to note that heat can also worsen swelling.

11. Warm Water Increases Hunger -

People who have problems with loss of appetite, they should drink a glass of hot water with black pepper, salt, and lemon juice. This increases appetite. Since drinking hot water increases metabolism, this stimulates the brain and triggers hunger. Again warm water fastens bowel movement and speeds up digestion, you feel hungry quickly. 

12. Drinking Hot Water Relieves Sinus And Sinus Headache -

The steam of hot water loosens the clogged sinus while drinking it and the unclogged mucus flows smoothly. The heat of the warm water alleviates pressure caused by colds and nasal allergies on the sinus. It even relieves a sinus headache.

13. Warm Water Detoxifies Your Body -

Drinking warm water helps to clean your body of any harmful toxins. By drinking hot water, the temperature of the body starts to rise, which causes sweating in order to cool down. Through this sweat, the toxins of the body are removed. To get a better effect of the detoxification process, add one teaspoon of lemon juice to the warm water prior to consuming it.

14. Drink Warm Water For Acne -

The problem of acne bothers both girls and boys. To avoid this, drink warm water in the morning on an empty stomach. Most cases of acne and pimples are caused by infection of the sebaceous gland under the skin.  Drinking hot water daily increases body temperature, which causes sweating. This sweating can help clean the pores of the skin, expels harmful toxins, and keep the skin moisturized. As drinking warm water is good for your digestive system, it will also help to get rid of pimples.

15. Some Special Things Related To The Benefits Of Drinking Hot Water -

 - If you feel thirsty due to fever, do not drink cold water, instead of this, drinking hot water is beneficial.
 - Most diseases are caused by drinking dirty water. In such a situation, drinking hot water after cooling it does not cause any stomach disease.
 - Hot water relieves phlegm and cold.
 - Drinking lemon in a glass of warm water on an empty stomach in the morning increases the body's resistance and the body gets vitamin C. To stay healthy in the changing weather, drink lemon juice in a glass of warm water on an empty stomach every morning; this increases the body's immunity.

The Right Temperature For Drinking Hot Water

The warm water must be comfortable enough that it does not scald your taste buds. To gain the benefits of hot water it is not necessary for a person to risk a burn. If you dislike drinking, hot water then you must consider drinking water at or slightly above body temperature. 

The optimal temperature of water for drinking must be between 120º F and 140ºF. This temperature reduced the risk of burns, but still offered the benefits of a hot drink. Temperature above 160º F could result in significant burns.

Disadvantages Of Drinking Hot Water

Drinking Hot Water

Though drinking hot water has plenty of health benefits, but it must be kept in mind that it is not a magical cure-all.

• The main risk of drinking hot water is being burned. Hot water that feels pleasantly warm on the tip of a finger may still burn the tongue or throat. You must avoid consuming water that is near boiling temperature and must always test a small sip before taking a gulp. 

Drinking hot water in a covered, insulated cup may reduce the risk of being burned from a spillage. The risks of drinking hot water are minimal, as long as the water is not scalding.

• The second risk of drinking hot water is that it can make you dehydrated. You must avoid drinking hot water if you are exercising or working in a hot climate. According to some studies, drinking hot water makes you less thirsty. If there is a risk of dehydration due to the environment or activity then do not consume hot water, as this will increase the risk of dehydration.

Therefore, if you already enjoy hot water or if you want to try a simple method for improving your health should feel assured that you are going to benefit from it.


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