What To Do With Premature Grey and White Hair In Kids

Premature Grey & White Hair In KidsAre you worried about premature grey hair in your child? Parents become very upset if they suffer from premature grey and white hair especially when the greying does not stop on its own. You and your child have to encounter numerous questions. 

Grey hair according to common perception is linked with one of many signs of aging. 

Early development grey hair may happen in the case of adults but it is less common to see a 12-year-old with grey hair. The good news is that in most cases, you can treat and cure it once you know the cause of your child’s premature greying. 

Here HEALTH and FITNESS find out what might be the reason for your 12 year old has grey hair and home remedies for premature grey & white hair in kids. 

What To Do With Premature Grey and White Hair In Kids

What Causes 12 Year Old has Grey Hair? Melanin pigments produced by the melanocyte cells are responsible for the colouring of your hair. Melanocytes are tiny cells present in your hair follicles. 

With aging, the pigmentation process slows down and makes your hair look more transparent or grey. If there is no melanin whatsoever, your hair will appear white.

The rate of decline of the activity of these melanocytes varies for an individual to an individual. For this reason, some people get grey hair earlier than others do. Now, why does your child have grey hair? Grey hair in kids sometimes possibly indicates a disease or disorder.

Here are some possible causes grey hairs in children. Premature Grey Hair In Children

1. Disease or Disorder Sometimes, children may experience premature greying of hair as a symptom of a more serious internal disease or disorder. Diseases that generally induce premature greying in children are: ] Thyroid Disorders : v Grave’s disease: 

Hyperthyroidism due to an overactive thyroid gland can affect melanocyte activity and lead to hair discoloration. v Hashimoto’s disease, Hashimoto's disease often leads to hypothyroidism (underactive thyroid gland) that affects melanocyte activity and lead to hair discoloration. ] 

Vitiligo: Vitiligo is a skin disorder that makes the skin to lose hair pigmentation ] Waardenburg syndrome, a disease that causes changes in hair, skin, and eyes’ pigmentation and hearing loss ] Tuberous sclerosis, this a genetic disorder that causes to the growth of benign tumors brain induces loss of hair pigmentation ] Neurofibromatosis, a disease in which neurofibromas (tumor formed on nerve cell) form throughout the body ] 

Anemia: Megaloblastic anemia may also be a major cause of premature graying in both children and adults. Anemia may sometimes cause because of vitamin B12 deficiency. A blood test to be performed in a child with grey hair to detect anemia. ] 

Vogt-Koyanagi syndrome: Some children develop this syndrome after a viral illness, which leads to the production of antibodies that attack the melanocytes. Vogt-Koyanagi the syndrome is a rare condition that can result in greying in children.

2. Hereditary Hereditary is the primary reason for premature grey hair in kids. If either of you or your spouse has a family history of early onset of grey hair, then there is a high chance that your child would inherit the genetic trait of premature greying from parents.

3. Vitamin B12 Deficiency The deficiency of vitamin B12 is one of many causes of 12 year old with grey hair. However grey hair due to nutritional deficiency is quite rare because you can get a good amount of vitamins from animal products. 

Deficiency of vitamin B12 might be the underlying cause of early greying of hair, if your child is vegetarian or follows a vegan diet, in that case you should perform a blood test to determine if there is a B12 deficiency. 

Your child may not be able to digest vitamin B12 properly if he has undergone certain surgical procedures, which can also cause grey hair. Improper absorption of vitamin B12 is caused due to : § Stomach surgery § Small intestine surgery § Stomach-related diseases like tuberculosis and tapeworms

4. Genetics Genetics plays a role to determine a child's premature melanocyte maturation schedule. This means that due to the child’s genetic makeup the melanocytes in their hair follicles will stop working earlier. 

It means that if your child is having grey hair mostly when someone else in the family tree also has the same condition. Grey hair may also cause due to genetic problems, such as tuberous sclerosis and neurofibromatosis.

5. Stress There is a common perception that stress can cause grey hair, but there are scientific studies to support these claims. Yet, there is some evidence suggesting that genotoxic stress (the kind that can damage a cell's DNA) may lead to cell mutation and trigger early graying. 

Researchers found in a study that hormones produced in response to stress could eat up the melanocyte stem cells that determine hair color. Stress causes the stem cells to leave the hair follicles, making hair gray or white.

6. Dandruff Some of the recent researches show a positive correlation between dandruff and premature grey hair. Though they are interrelated, it does not mean dandruff causes grey hair. If the problem of dandruff becomes severe, the probability of graying of hair in your child becomes higher.

How Premature Grey Hair In Kids Can Be Cured? If premature grey hair in kids is caused due to some medical disorder or disease, treatment of the underlying disease will stop the progress of premature greying hair in your child. 

However, in other cases, here are some effective home remedies that can activate those melanocytes and help your child regain natural hair color. 

Proper Nutrition: According to some experts, grey hair in children is the result of improper nutrition. The absence of some essential vitamins and minerals may also catalyze the greying of hair. It is possible to prevent the issue in the first place by correcting nutritional deficiencies. Make sure that your child's diet contains the following nutrients:

Vitamin A: Vitamin A is essential to maintain a healthy scalp and increases the glow of the hair. Including dark green vegetables along with yellow and orange fruits in your child’s diet fulfills the regular Vitamin A requirement. Vitamin B: Vitamin B complex helps to stabilize the secretion of oil and keeps the hair healthy. 

A child suffering from grey hair needs to eat green leafy vegetables to get vitamin B. Cauliflower, tomatoes, liver, cereal, bananas, and yogurt are good sources of the vitamin B complex. Minerals: The right balance of minerals in your child’s diet is important for healthy hair. A mineral like iron, zinc, and copper has a role in the pigmentation of hair and its overall growth.

Chicken, red meat, and green veggies are some good sources of zinc. Dried apricots, parsley, red meat, wheat, egg yolk, seafood, and whole grains are all rich in iron. Iron all helps to fight anemia, one of the causes of grey hair in children. 

Proteins: Protein called keratin is the building block of your child’s hair and your child should get sufficient protein in the diet for healthy, black hair. Proteins also protect hair colour and add natural shine to it. Ensure that your child is getting the recommended daily intake of proteins from cereals, whole grains, soy, and meat. 

Iodine: Iodine is a vital nutrient for your child, to stop the graying of hair. Iodine controls the production of thyroid hormone and the overall health of the thyroid gland. As discussed above, hypothyroidism or hyperthyroidism can result in graying of hair. Your child can get iodine table salt and foods such as sea fish, bananas, and carrots. Here are a few some home remedies you can try to prevent grey hair in kids:

Oil Infused With Curry Leaves: Curry leaves to help effectively treat grey hair. Simply take some pure coconut oil and boil it with a bunch of curry leaves. Heat it until the leaves turn black. Apply the mixture directly on your child’s scalp and massage gently. It works best if kept overnight. Repeat this regularly to prevent grey hair in your child.

Taking Yogurt And Yeast: Consuming yogurt with diet has a beneficial effect to protect your child’s hair. The best way to make yogurt to prevent grey hair is to make a drink by mixing some yogurt with a tablespoon of yeast. The combination of yogurt and yeast prevent premature grey hair in children.

Stay Hydrated: Ensure that your child drink enough water and fluid throughout the day. Dehydration causes the scalp to become dry, drinking plenty of water daily to prevent hair discoloration. Make Use Of Indian Gooseberry: Indian gooseberry is an excellent home remedy for preventing and even reversing grey hairs. 

When graying of hair is caused due to vitamin deficiency or any other nutrient deficiency, Indian gooseberry to treatment is more effective. However, correcting the underlying cause is more important. Dry a few pieces of Indian gooseberry fruit in sun. Warm the dried fruit in coconut oil until a thick residue is left behind. 

Store this oil in a bottle for future use. Apply the oil regularly directly to your child’s scalp. If you do not want to use oil, you can soak the hair in gooseberry water. Leave it overnight and wash it in the morning using the same water.

Oil Infused With Amla: Boil few amlas pieces in coconut oil. Cool it and apply directly to your child’s scalp. You can also soak amla in water for overnight and use this water to wash your child’s hair.

Amla And Almond Oil: Regular application of almond and amla oil mixture helps to prevent grey hair from your kid. Apply this mixture on your child’s scalp and massage it. For best results leave it overnight and then wash the hair the next morning.

Cow Milk Butter: Butter made from cow’s milk is an effective remedy to treat premature aging of hair follicles. Cow's milk butter contains certain enzymes that nourish your child’s hair and reverse the process of graying. Massage cow milk butter in your kid’s scalp and the hair roots twice a week for better results. 

Lemon Juice And Coconut Oil Combining: Combining coconut oil and lemon juice is believed to be beneficial for graying hair in kids. Coconut oil is enriched with healthy lauric acid and has antimicrobial properties that can condition the hair and make it healthy. 

While vitamin C and phosphorus present in lemon juice, nourish, prevent and treat gray hair. Mix 3 teaspoons freshly squeezed organic lemon juice with coconut oil then apply it to the hair of your child. Leave it for around an hour to get it to absorb by the hair and scalp and then wash your hair with a shampoo. Apply this combination one in a week for better results.

Make sure that your child does not pluck out any grey hair and never opt for chemical colours to conceal the problem. These home remedies actually help in most of the cases of grey hair in children. However, in some cases, grey hair is may be irreversible. 

A balanced diet will certainly help lower the growth of new grey hair but may not cure the grey hair. Premature grey hair may be an indication of a serious disease, which needs attention. Take care of your child and her hair.

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