Want to slim hips? Some Habits have to be changed!

Want to slim hips

There are a lot of small partners who look good and have a slim shape, but the buttocks are particularly large and troubled. Although the girls with big ass are good to raise, we hope that the delicate buttocks are not the fat of the buttocks. Then, how are the hips made?

Get rid of bad habits. One of the reasons for excessive fat in the buttocks is sedentary. This is very common for office workers. It is easy to hoard the fat of the buttocks when sitting for a long time, especially when the holiday is at home while eating the snacks on the side of the legs. 

Looking at the TV series for a while? Habits have to be changed, and when you are not busy, you must take a walk, even if you just stroll in the bedroom.

Do more squats or lift your legs. This action does not need to make too much time, scattered time can be, mainly to increase the movement of some hip muscles, to prevent sedentary fat accumulation, do leg lift before going to bed, do not take a long time, do not need a lot of Space.

Sitting on a hard chair. There may be MM, the chair is too hard to sit and uncomfortable, so change to a soft chair, or add a very thick cushion. But in fact, the soft chair is easy to make the flesh of the buttocks soft and sagging, so it is a good habit to insist on sitting on a hard chair.

Climb the stairs. Now whether you are going home or going to work, basically there are elevators on the upper floors, and few people will take the stairs. Climbing the stairs is very exercise for the buttocks. 

Because of the upward resistance, the muscles of the legs and buttocks are more exercised than normal walking. If the floor is too high, you can take the elevator halfway and climb the stairs halfway.

Change the bad habits, you can also have a delicate hip, don't let the fat on the hips lower your face value and body curve, and act quickly!

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