How to exercise a beautiful butt and booty

Nowadays, the young women in Australia are practicing like a magical practice every day, crazy pursuit of perfect loot - a round big ass. Not only do they pursue big buttocks, but they also need to be muscular here. It is best to have a slim waist to match them.

Bree Lavender, 22, is one of them. She said that there are indications that women's ideal body shape has changed. but she believes her hips are thin like a "pancake." She hopes that she can have a "trophy" that women are dreaming of through the targeted fitness exercise.

I think every woman dreams of having a strong thickness in that part, and also has a muscle curve. I am sure I have a flat ass, so I am now adding a targeted fitness class to make up for it.

Remember that everyone was thin when he or she was young, but what’s interesting now is that the aesthetic principle has come a 360-turn, she said. Having a big trophy is the current trend. If you have a pancake butt, then you feel out. She is looking forward to her fitness program.

Instagram, the social platform, has played a huge role in the current trend of women's aesthetic trends. 

Tammy Hembrow, the young hot mom of Gold Coast Australia, has 2.7 million followers on his Instagram account.

In addition, the famous American Kardashians are the initiators of this whole "big ass" trend.

Lavender said: I believe that when Kardashian became famous, their sisters' ass also became a fashion. Although I don't think that big butt and thin waist are ideal, Instagram has already blown up a lot of disproportionate trends and this trend is unattainable for the average girl.

how to exercise a beautiful butt and booty

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