Diabetes Symptoms - Control and Treatment

I believe everyone knows that diabetes is most afraid of high blood sugar, especially when blood sugar has been in a relatively high state, then it is easy to induce a variety of complications. Therefore, diabetics must manage their blood sugar in peacetime. 

In addition, they should also observe their own physical conditions. If there are several abnormal phenomena, indicating that blood sugar has risen, effective measures should be taken to reduce them. sugar.

When blood sugar rises, these three parts will signal:

1. The feet are numb

If diabetes has high blood sugar, it will induce diabetic foot complications. Therefore, when blood sugar is in a relatively high state for a long time, you should be alert to the appearance of the diabetic foot. The early symptoms of diabetic foot are numbness and numbness in both feet, and there will be a pain.
Even the symptoms of stinging, when this symptom appears, indicates that the condition of the diabetic is quite serious, indicating that the blood sugar is very outrageous and must be highly valued.

2. Blurred vision

When diabetics have elevated blood sugar, they may also affect eye health, such as blurred vision and decreased vision. Because high blood sugar can cause vision loss and blurred vision, but when blood sugar is stable, these discomforts Symptoms will gradually recover. 

Therefore, people with diabetes have blurred vision. Do not think that it is caused by eye disease. It should be noted that this is an abnormal symptom caused by elevated blood sugar.

3. Hand herpes

If a diabetic has herpes on the hand, don't think that it is caused by a skin disease. It is likely that the blood sugar is too high, which may cause herpes on the hand. Because the glucose content in the body is too high, it will affect the skin health. It is likely that Skin diseases such as itchy skin and herpes appear.

Diabetes high blood sugar is most afraid of these two kinds of food, don't miss it!

1. Lettuce

Lettuce is a very common green leafy vegetable. Although it is a very common food, it has a good effect on lowering blood sugar because lettuce is a low-carbohydrate vegetable with a lot of vitamins.

And inorganic salts, is a healthy vegetable, especially niacin in lettuce, can improve the function of islets, can stimulate the secretion of insulin, can play the role of lowering blood sugar.

2. Bitter melon

Many elderly people like to eat bitter gourd to lower blood pressure and lower blood fat. In fact, bitter gourd is also very good for lowering blood sugar. Although bitter gourd tastes bitter, we all know the truth of good medicine, because there are some bitter melons. 

Nutrients can be used to eliminate inflammation and contain a nutrient similar to insulin. Therefore, bitter gourd is especially suitable for diabetics, which can lower blood pressure, blood fat and blood sugar.

Diabetes in the case of elevated blood sugar will appear in the above three abnormal phenomena, when these abnormal phenomena occur, diabetics must be highly valued, should adjust their diet structure in time, and should go to the hospital in time, if there is It is necessary to take some hypoglycemic drugs to stabilize the condition.

Diabetes Symptoms - Control and Treatment

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