Thursday, August 30, 2018

7 Photos - Videos Apps You Must Have

Smartphone cameras have improved a lot in the last 12 months. However, when it comes to playing around with the photos and videos, the options available through default camera apps are often very limited. This is why many users turn to third-party camera apps. They are more fun and can give an ordinary looking shot a whole new spin. Here are some of the must-download camera apps released in 2018.


Free (Android)

Developed by Google, Storyboard can extract photos out of videos and arrange them like a comic book. Users can apply filters on them to give them a jazzy look or reorder the images by swiping down from the top of the screen. There are six unique styles in which the images can be rearranged. Google claims there are 1.6 trillion different ways in which the app can show the same set of frames. It works fast and takes a few seconds to process a 1GB video of 60 minutes.

Teleport-Photo Editor

Free (Android, iOS)

As the name suggests, Teleport allows users to make their profile pictures more lively by changing the background in the photos. So a selfie with a dull background can be cropped and placed in an image with something more exciting in the backdrop. Users can also blur the background completely or partially to create portrait mode-like effect. The app works offline and is quick to use.


Free (Android, iOS)

This is a must-have app for selfie fans. Not only it can iron out facial imperfections such as marks or pimples, but can also change the expression of people in group photos. So if a face in a group photo is looking too serious, one can make it smile. A young person can be made to look older by adding filters with wrinkles and grey hair. Face App works online and needs faster internet connection to work smoothly.


Free (Android, iOS)

Another Google app in the list, Selfissimo can make capturing group selfies a lot easier. Most default cameras require users to tap on the shutter button or set a time to take a selfie. Reaching out for the shutter button can be difficult if the hand holding the smartphone is stretched to accommodate everyone in the frame. Selfissimi resolves the issue by clicking pictures automatically every time it detects someone in front of the camera.


Rs400 (iOS)

Halide is a multi-purpose app with advanced camera tools found in DSLR cameras such as focus peaking and detailed histogram. The former shows highlighted areas in image as focus is shifted resulting in crisp looking shots, while the latter provides a graphical representation of the tonal values of an image. The app supports most file formats, including the high-resolution RAW and TIFF formats. It has a manual mode, which allows users to adjust shutter speed, white balance and ISO levels.

Apple Clips

Free (iOS)

Apple Clips allows users to create new videos by combining existing photos and clips from another video. To make them more jazzy, the app offers a bunch of fun filters, emojis, speech bubbles and animated graphics. Users can add captions to specific video frames by speaking them aloud and they will be automatically converted into text. Users can also change these captions anytime.

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