Sunday, July 01, 2018

A much better list of free, useful software.

Free Useful Software

GIMP(GNU Image Manipulation Program)
Name is self-explanatory.
Best Photoshop alternative.
Honorable mention:

A much better list of free, useful software.

For Compressing and uncompressing files.
Better than WinRAR in every single way.
Honorable mention: PeaZip

Lightweight media player. Superior to VLC.
Honorable mentions: VLC, Deluge, PotPlayer

Very lightweight, stable, full-featured torrent-Client
Honorable Mentions: uTorrent 2.2.1, Tixati, Miniget

Take screenshot, share it everywhere.
Support for direct Imgur upload.
Honorable mentionsL Gyazo, Puush

Screen recorder. Better than Fraps.
Honorable mentionsL Bandicam, Shadowplay

Changes screen color temperatur to a warmer color. Extremely comfortable at night.
Honorable mentionL Redshift

Full-featured office suite. Decent Ms Office alternative.
Honorable mentionsL openOffice, GDrive

Incredible fast, lightweight search engine for local files.
Honorable mentionL Windows Explorer

Lightweight image viewer with a lot of options and features.
Honorable mentionsL Picasa, XnView

Universal chat client. Includes Hangouts, Facebook and IRC.
Honorable mentionL Miranda IM, Trillian

Sumatra PDF
Free PDF reader, that also supports comic archives. Much better than Adobe Reader.
Honorable mentions: Foxit Reader, CutePDF

Help or get helped remotely by sharing your screen without andy hassle.

Basic system information tool.
Nice for troubleshooting.
Honorable mentionsL CPU-Z, HWmonitor

Easy to use multi-track audio editor and recorder.

Highly customizable, lightweight music player.
Honorable mentionsL AIMP, WinAmp, WMP

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