Apple shows what's coming in iOS 11.3: battery control and more Animojis

Apple gave a sneak peek at its next iPhone operating system update and it features more Animojis (for owners of iPhone X) -- and for almost everyone, a much-discussed option to turn off a slowdown feature for older batteries. 

Version 11.3 of the iOS software that Apple previewed Wednesday introduces a dragon, bear, skull and lion, as four additional Animoji characters -- the animated emojis that take over your voice and mirror your facial expressions -- bringing the grand total to 16.

Apple shows what's coming in iOS 11.3

But iOS 11.3 addresses a very different, and for many users, more important consideration, by adding a power management tool that clues you in when the iPhone’s battery is about to poop out. It also gives you the ability to turn off a feature that slows down the phone when the battery reaches critical status, which Apple put in place to prevent the device from unexpectedly shutting down.

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