8 Effective Weight Loss Exercise Tips

Now we just want to lose weight, tell others that ah ah, running ah In fact, the effect of weight loss but not the best weight loss effect. Choose an appropriate form of exercise, you can plan your weight loss with less, today, to give you the eight most effective weight loss exercises to see what suits you best. 

First of all, it should be mentioned that exercise is actually effective in weight loss, but not quite effective, you want to lose weight, in addition to exercise, but also a scientific control regime, specific recommendations, where not start, and so elaborate.

If your goal is to lose weight, do you need to do aerobic exercises, both aerobic exercises that are most effective? The next analysis

There are studies that show that exercise is the best weight loss in any aerobic exercise, not only in motion, if you can maintain a higher heart rate after the end of the campaign, but also to get an effect of persistent fat burning

1. Hiit Movement

The hit movement consists of the composition of the action of a multiple and multiple intensity, follows the intermittent generation plan, so you want to skip a Hay course, have to adopt a course for you, worried about our form physical or "hello" the system will recommend you your scientific program of fitness for weight loss.

2. Skipping Rope

Jump is actually a good momentum, such as a 100-minute jump, each time to end the 1-minute pause, then jump 100, so the cycle is a good course, and the jump rope is easy if you do not harass, then this is a weight loss effect, better than run Oh

3. Running

This is most of the words we say for weight loss, really runs is a very healthy, easy and comfortable exercise mode, not easy to hurt and more acceptable. For the fat burning effect, weight loss can improve the heart and the lungs, effective fat burning, but compared to the hit stroke, in the continuous fat burning, the effect is not so good and will consume the same number of calories more.


Swimming is actually a very physical exercise, but as a rule we will swim, 5 fitness points 5 minutes to play, not like the athletes were there to swim, most of them swim 100 meters of four or five minutes, water play and so on, Because entertainment is strong, so reduce the effect of weight loss. And there are studies that show that different swimming and running after the race thirst, demand for water and swimming after the end have hunger, meat and water requirements. So after swimming, you can not control the diet, you can not only lose weight but also make you fat.

5. Dancing

Many types of dance, there are some of the best dances in the world, you can have a good weight loss effect, of course, and some dance quietly, the same will lose weight. When you see the place, there is so much aunt, aunts are actively involved to know how its effect and influence.

6. Riding a Bike

Step on the bike is also a great way to lose weight, fitness aerobics gym, in addition to the treadmill, is a dynamic bike, weight loss is also very good.

7. Ball Games

Football, basketball, badminton, etc., although with age, after the move the ball gradually becomes less contact, the ball is really a good weight loss exercise, you see the university in how to play basketball, strong.

8. Walk

The effect of walking is to lose weight, the effect is not very good. But there is a class of people who need to lose weight in this way, that is, a heavyweight because the weight is too big, the previous exercise, in addition to swimming, is likely to lead to knee injuries, so if you are more than Weigh 200 pounds or you will feel very bold, then you can start to go more. Go for 1 hour, equal to 35 minutes of calorie burning. As long as the support, but also very effective.

Finally, I remind you that exercise is an effective way to lose weight, but exercise alone does not control the diet, your weight loss cannot meet your expectations, while moving at the same time, with a scientific diet, its effect of weight loss to be obvious.

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