OOTD Inspo: Black is the Name ft. Zaful

OOTD Inspo: Black is the Name ft Zaful - Andrea Tiffany A Glimpse of Glam

Hey everyone!

Before I start I wanted to thank you all for your lovely comments on my previous post! It was a difficult post to write because politics is a topic that definitely requires some careful handling. The issue of politics has plagued the US for a long while now, and in the last month it’s really escalated. I felt a huge urge to share my thoughts, despite the fact that it is a sensitive topic to discuss. I tried to stay as objective as I could because I know that I personally do not have the best knowledge of politics, and insulting the side I disagree with doesn’t help push things towards the right path. There’s a difference between insulting and harping on what you don’t like, and venting and persuading others to see your point of view. It’s one thing to understand the other side, and it’s another to be narrow minded and stubborn. As I created this blog as a way to discuss various topics that includes politics and human rights, I definitely felt like it was necessary to address this topic and at the least let you guys know how I’m feeling.

That being said...

So sorry it’s been forever since I’ve last posted! I swear this time of year last year I was also this absent. I feel like winter quarter is the most difficult of all quarters at university. When midterms pop up, I seriously cannot do anything else but study, work on my projects, eat and sleep. Barely sleeping at that. I spent so much time at the studio for my printmaking class that I felt like I had moved in. My friend even joked that I should just set up a bed there.

I hope you are all doing well! I’m trying to make my way around to all your blogs again to update myself on what’s happening in your lives. Gonna try and get back into the groove of things. Blogging is like riding a bicycle: once you have learned, it comes back to you fast. Though, to be honest, I actually haven’t ever really learned how to ride a bike. But that’s besides the point. This post isn’t about my apparent lack of basic skills. That’s a story for another day.

As someone who generally creates a lot of artworks, and is in an art studio quite often, I gravitate towards dark or black clothing to prevent anything from staining. Though, colors can still stain on black, it’s not as painstakingly obvious as a bright blue stain on a crisp white shirt. I also like to change into sweats when I know it will really get messy, just as a definite precaution. Point is, black clothing is something I know I turn to quite often, and i’m sure you do as well. Black is easy to style, and works well for so many occasions.

I recently received some stuff from Zaful that I am quite pleased with. I got a black blanket scarf that I have literally worn at least once or twice a week for the past several weeks. I can most certainly vouch for how cozy and warm this scarf is. It’s helped me out during those cold winter mornings when I’m waiting for the bus. I also got a black off the shoulder top that doesn’t work the best now, but would be perfect when the weather warms up a tad. The last item of clothing to share is this black lace up dress that is definitely hitting the current trend. I like how it has a slight boho feel because of the shape of the sleeves coupled with the lace up front, but with it in black it makes it easy to style as edgy or casual or girly or whatever is up your alley!

Blanket Scarf - link HERE
The black scarf I got probably is my favorite of the three items. I love how I can bundle up in it. Whoever invented blanket scarves is my savior!! I seriously reach for one every single morning because they are an easy accessory and are ridiculously comfortable.

Blanket Scarf
I love throwing it on over a simple top as an easy way to add pattern and variety to my look. Here, I had on this burgundy-hued long sleeve paired with black pants and grey heeled ankle boots. By adding the blanket scarf, it quickly accessorized it into something that looks less lazy and quickly thrown together. Plus, it really helped me keep warm that snowy day.

Obviously this next set of pictures were taken on a different day because the snow is all gone. I had to choose a time when it was slightly warmer to wear the off the shoulder top I got. I can’t show the off the shoulder style very well if I’m bundled up, now can I?

There was one day in January where the weather actually warmed up significantly, for only a few hours in the afternoon. Almost as if it was meant for me to use that time for outfit photos. Then it subsequently got cold again, and I ran back inside to wrap myself up like a burrito.

With this black off the shoulder top, I chose to wear it with black and white patterned pants and a brown jacket. The pattern on the pants is attention grabbing, but balanced and quiet enough to complement the black top without stealing the show. This top does have skinny straps with it, which is nice because it helps it sit comfortably.

Black off-the-shoulder top - link HERE
I wore a brown jacket to break up the monochrome look. I’m sure you’ve all seen this jacket plenty of times before already in previous posts. Plus, the high collar of the jacket is really what appealed most to me. The contrast between that higher collar and the low off-the shoulder top works well because the top under the jacket looks mostly like it has a straight across neckline.

Black Off-The-Shoulder Blouse
I definitely won’t be able to wear this outfit until March because it’s been freezing cold here. It’s more of a spring outfit, so in looking ahead for the spring, this black blouse would definitely be a good choice! By paring with this outfit some brown booties, this definitely added to the whole spring look vibe.

Black Lace Up Knit Dress - link HERE
The last thing I wanted to share with you all is this gorgeous lace-up black dress that is on trend right now. The whole lace-up front is something that I’ve seen pop up from many retailers and designers, and it’s typically on sweaters. I like how this one is on a black dress. It has the same casual feel of a lace-up sweater, but as a dress it’s more versatile to incorporate into various different looks. Like I mentioned before, you can dress it up or down to give off an alternate feel.

Black lace-up dress 
Here, I chose to wear it simply as is with a pair of black boots. I have a thing for ankle boots, which I’m sure you can all tell by now. I have a petite frame, and wearing ankle boots flatters my legs more. I love higher boots like knee-high or even over-the-knee boots, but they can shrink the length of my legs and make me look shorter and stumpier. But, it also depends on the style of boots too. I just personally really like the way ankle boots look.

Lately, I’ve been leaning towards simpler looks. Letting clothes speak for themselves through subtle textural contrasts or color themes. Perhaps you can add on a belt to accentuate your frame, or maybe layer on some bracelets for that extra bling. But I like the loose flow of this dress, and the swingy sleeves are speaking to me as well.

I didn’t wear tights here because I also took these photos when it was a bit warm out. BUT, I definitely will have to wear tights if I wear this dress in the next couple weeks because it’s been freeeeezing. Have I mentioned enough times how cold it’s been? Hahaha repetitive, I know. But seriously. This winter has been crazy.

We finally got snow a couple days ago!! So much snow in fact, classes were canceled! That hasn’t happened since high school. It started snowing on Sunday night, and we all thought it wouldn’t stick. We’ve had a few false alarms earlier in the year with light snow that melted within a couple hours. However, it kept snowing harder and harder and by the next morning, I got a notification that classes were canceled. Some of my neighbors who are in elementary school also had a snow day as well. Pretty much everyone did because we got SO much snow!!

I built an adorable snowman with my sister and named him Pablo. When we went for a walk, it was so incredible difficult to not sink in and slip and fall. All you out there who live in snowy wintery places probably think I sound like I’ve just experienced snow for the first time. But, seriously, it was such a magical incredible moment. We haven’t had a blanket of snow like that in many years! Definitely a great little surprise! If you follow me on Instagram, you’ve probably seen Pablo chilling on my front lawn. He’s leaned over quite a bit now that the snow is melting. But he’s still intact!

Definitely head on over to Zaful to find these awesome articles of clothing I got! If you don't like wearing just black, they have a selection of blanket scarves to choose from that vary in color and pattern as well. For their prices, their quality is really good and I am definitely satisfied with what I got. I am so psyched that I got the dress because I can really see myself incorporating it into many more outfits when the weather warms up. I love wearing loose flowy dresses with shorter, structured jackets. Head over to Zaful and lemme know what you think!

I know I’ve been quite MIA lately. I definitely will be trying my best to update more often. It can be a challenge sometimes. I’ve noticed that I’ve been less inspired lately because I’ve been so stressed out with school. I’ve had these blogposts planned out for awhile now. I just haven’t gotten to writing it because I felt stuck staring at my laptop screen. It’s difficult to get your creative juices flowing again if you’re wiped out and mentally exhausted. I really like putting in effort into my posts to convey my authentic self as best I can. Though I can just write some short posts that are mostly filled with pictures, or a quick inspiration post, that’s not really showcasing my own voice. To me, it’s not about upping the amount of blogposts I can crank out. It’s about making creative content that reflects me. Anyways, thank you for being patient with me!

Are you for or against the whole lace-up trend? How have you been staying warm this winter? What are you most looking forward to this coming spring? Please lemme know in the comments down below!! I would love to hear your thoughts!!

Thank you all so much for stopping by and reading! I hope you are all having a wonderful week so far!

Til next time,

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