Which style of yoga you teaching? It’s the common question in present days from the peoples who visiting yoga centre for enquiry.

Originally yoga is one, but as the time advances depend on the people tastes the yoga also under gone some changes, and became different styles of yoga. Some people want more stretching where as some want more meditations, some want more breathing. 

In general Asians want more medium level postures with pranayam and meditations, where as Europeans and Americans want more stretching

At present some styles of Yoga are more famous in world, some of them in brief are as below.

Ashtanga yoga: In Astanga yoga more concentration is giving on breathing, each posture contains four things- Shvasa, Vinyasa, Sthithi and Dristi.It’s also called as vinyasa flow. In this type every body movement should synchronize with breathing. Yogacharya Krishnamacharya was the founder of this style of Yoga. It’s most famous in united states, Europe’s. Its main centre is in Mysore.

Hatha yoga: This is also one of the famous branches of yoga; it’s also called physical type of yoga, because more concentration giving is on postures... In hatha yoga teachings some places telling to hold the breath during practise of asanas.

Iyyengar Yoga: This style of Yoga started from Sri B.K.S Iyyengar.In this style of Yoga more concentration is giving on stretching, for getting perfection in postures use of ropes , blocks, blankets is the specialty of this style…to get maximum benefit of postures on has to stay long duration in any posture is theme of this style.. It’s also more famous in western countries. Its main centre present in Poona of India

Shivanada yoga: This method of yoga found by swami shivananda of Hrishikesh, India, Its main centre present in Bihar school of Yoga-Munger, in Bihar, this style of yoga also world famous, in this more concentration giving on meditation, and spirituality..

Power yoga: Generally yoga practise not burning many calories, so some place yoga and aerobics were mixed to make more work out, and doing yoga like exercise continuously called power yoga; people want immediate weight reduction following this type of yoga.

Bikram yoga: Started by yogacharya Bikram choudari, in this style of yoga- the room temperature of the yoga haul kept at 40digrees C, Cold countries like Europe it is famous; the practiser of this style sweating lot during the practise. The impurities of the body will go away through sweat is the idea behind keeping room temperature high. Its main centre is in United States.

Therapeutic Yoga: This type of yoga is especially good for the people who is too sick, cannot do yoga in groups. In this depend on the conditions of the patient, the postures and breathing techniques are to teach. Now most of the hospitals starting yoga therapy branches…

…Some other yoga styles which are famous in the world are Artistic yoga of Bharath takoor, Sri Sri Yoga of Sri Ravi Shankar, Baba Ramdevjis Yoga, Siddi Samadhi yoga, sahaja siddhi yoga, kundalini yoga etc...

… My Yoga guru learned astanga yoga; he made bit change, because pure ashtanga yoga is difficult to follow for common people, now Am teaching Ashtanga, hatha and therapeutic yoga.

…...Selection of yoga style is depending on your intention of practise. Some style of yoga, teacher may tell you to hold the breath during the final stage of asana, were as in some styles advising to keep on breathing, both are correct. But it is always better to follow any one style of yoga with one teacher; each yoga teacher has his own style of teaching, so if you follow one teacher there is no chance of confusio


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